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Finishing beer flight paddles

Once I had the paddles cut out from the CNC, I sanded them to 120 grit, and then water popped them.

Water popping is when you sand down the stock and then spray water on said stock. It does two things.

First, it raises the grain of the wood that you just sanded. Why would you want that? Well, when a liquid touches a freshly sanded wood, it’ll raise the grain, making it less smooth than what you just sanded. If you don’t water pop it, when you apply your finish, be it polyurethane or whatever, it’ll raise the grain, and you cannot sand at that point, without removing the finish.

The second thing? It shows you how awesome your wood is gonna look 😃

This is what my beer flight paddle looked like after I water popped them

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Our First Batch of Cutting Boards

We built our first batch of cutting boards in the middle of September of 2020. Since it was our first time “batching” something out, we didn’t really know what we were doing. Having said that, we learned a lot about production, time management, and workshop efficiency.

Here are four of the five boards we made. Unfortunately, we didn’t take a “pretty” picture of the first board we made from this batch.

Walnut Cherry Costello Boxwood Maple Cutting Board
Walnut cherry costello boxwood maple

Walnut Maple Purple Heart Cutting Board
Walnut maple purple heart

Cherry Maple Walnut Cutting Board
Cherry maple walnut

Walnut Maple Cherry Cutting Board
Walnut maple cherry

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End of Year Update

Happy holidays, everyone!

We hope that everyone reading this is doing well this holiday season. We wanted to give everyone an update on what we are planning on doing over the winter. First and foremost, we want to start updating this site more often, instead of just when we have new inventory for sale. I have a bunch of pictures on my iPhone documenting the different steps of our builds, and I’d like to write up something that details how we build items.

I am in the process of organizing all of the wonderful pictures that Nancy has taken of our cutting boards, and I will be publishing posts about each batch that we’ve done (seven so far!). Instead of having a static gallery page, I want to have specific posts detailing each batch of boards.

We have also made more than just cutting boards. I would like to use this site as a way to show off what we’ve built, be it cutting boards, tables, or shop furniture.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that we’re not going to be very busy in the shop for the next couple of months. We live in Maryland, and winter has finally hit us. Our shop is our two car garage, with no insulation or heating, so working in freezing conditions is not conducive to our health. That’s not to say we won’t be down there when we can, just that we won’t be building stuff as much as we used to. We still have lumber for another batch of boards.

With all that said, we wanted to thank everyone that has supported us so far, be it by buying our items, or sharing our business with friends on social media or word of mouth.

We hope you all have a great holiday season, and we wish 2021 to be a better year for everyone!

Dan Gilmore