About Dancy Wood

Dancy Wood is the collaboration of Dan and Nancy. Dan spent eight years in the Navy and then worked for over 20 years as a government contractor within the intelligence community. He was also a hobbyist woodworker off and on over the years. Nancy is a tax attorney who enjoys spending her free time creating things.

While home during the extended COVID-19 lockdown in the summer of 2020, Dan’s passion for woodworking reignited. He made several items for the house and decided to make a couple of hardwood cutting boards. He posted pictures of the cutting boards on social media, and the interest was both overwhelming and unexpected. Just like that, Dancy Wood was born.

Although Dancy Wood began as a side business, Dan soon realized he was happiest when he was in the shop making things. At the end of 2021, Dan quit his government contractor job to follow his heart.

The staple of Dancy Wood is still its high-quality handmade cutting boards. These boards are customizable with personalized laser engravings and are available in a variety of sizes. Other items available on the online store include customizable beer flight boards and coaster sets. Contact dan@dancywood.com for custom or bulk orders.


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