Big Changes at DancyWood!

Recently, I built a small cherry epoxy river end table, just to see if it was something that I wanted to do, or even if I COULD do it. It turns out that I really enjoyed the entire process, and it came out amazing.

When I showed pictures of that table to some friends, one friend asked if I could build them a kitchen table. I’m currently in the process of building that table, and having an absolute blast. 

When I was picking out the cherry slab for the table mentioned above, we found a slab of macacauba that was just absolutely beautiful. I bought it on a whim. It’s 55” long, and 17” wide at its widest, and I’m making it into a console table. Once it’s done, it will be available for sale on our website.

We have decided that we’re going to focus on building live edge tables from here on out. Don’t worry, we’ll still have cutting boards, just not as much as before. If we don’t have any in stock, and you need/want one, shoot us an email at to special order one.

With all of that said, if you are looking for a new dining room table, coffee table, or console/sofa table made out of a hardwood live edge slab, please go to our home page and scroll down to the Leave us a message portion. We’d love to discuss how we can help get you that new table!

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